Short Film

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Short Film


a motion picture of no more than four or five reels (1,200-1,500 m).

Shorts in the USSR are primarily documentaries (newsreels or essays), popular-science motion pictures (including educational films and lectures), and cartoons; they are designed to run on movie programs as an addition to a full-length feature film. Feature shorts, which are rarely produced, are usually shown with several others as a full-length program. Shorts require a well-defined concept, clarity, and conciseness. The genre enables film-makers to reflect various aspects of socioeconomic and cultural life flexibly and effectively.

Abroad, under the conditions of capitalist film-making, short films serve as a means for directors who have no opportunities to produce full-length feature motion pictures to express their creative individuality. The creative and thematic scope of shorts is very broad, ranging from the politically progressive to the formalistic, surrealistic, and abstract.

To get the public’s attention, many countries conduct national and international short-film festivals (including Kraków, Poland; Leipzig, German Democratic Republic; and Oberhausen, Federal Republic of Germany). Shorts are also shown at general film festivals (including the International Film Festival in Moscow and the All-Union Film Festival).

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The same year, he co-produced the short film 'Secret Sea,' which won Best Short Film at the 2009 Golden Harvest Awards, Taiwan's highest honor for short films.
State of Emergency Motherfucker, which received the second prize for best short film for its fresh humour, zoomed into a prejudiced society.
I hope we can empower and develop short film industry in Iran," Ebrahim Darougheh-Zadeh said in his interview.
According to Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, "Since its inception, the Lexus Short Films Series has helped to launch the careers of up-and-coming filmmakers from across the globe by providing them with the necessary tools to take their craft to the next level as well as increasing their exposure among the international film community.
Blaxland Clinical Nurse Educator, David Pearce, won the $2000 Hester Communications second prize with his short film 'The Future of Nursing', which follows a nursing research team in the year 2317 when antibiotics have failed to control super bugs and a galaxy-wide search is underway for organisms to help fight disease.
Manatad is a filmmaker himself who had an entry, the short film 'Jodilerks dela Cruz, Employee of the Month,' in the International Critics' Week section of this year's Cannes.
Just the shooting time of short film is less but the rest of it is same as any other feature film," he said.
It's much more interesting to observe in which forms short film is developing.
Nevertheless, short film-making proliferates across the globe, greatly assisted by accessible and inexpensive technology but, most importantly, spumed on by the myriad of short film festivals and competitions (as well as YouTube, Vimeo and such).
The winner of the Best Short Film award will receive a TL 5,000 cash prize.
Ten shortlisted entrants will also have the opportunity to produce a short film with Emirati film-maker, Nayla Al Khaja, which will be shown during DIFF 2015.