Shorthorn cattle

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Shorthorn cattle,

breed of beef cattle developed from the native cattle of the Tees valley in NE England; formerly called Durham cattle. Systematic breeding of Shorthorns began in the latter part of the 18th cent. First imported to the United States in 1783, they are now found in every part of the country. Shorthorns are medium-sized with compact, low-set, rectangular bodies. In color they vary from red to white or any combination of these colors, with a predominance of roan. Because of their strength and good temperament, Shorthorns were occasionally used as draft animals. The Milking Shorthorn, a dairy breed developed in England from the Shorthorn, is appreciated for its adaptability to different climates, its efficient use of feed, and the superior protein-to-fat ratio of its milk. The genetically hornless Polled Shorthorns are about 60% of the beef Shorthorns registered in the United States.
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Frank with Bodior's butcher, George Stuart, left, by the new cutting unit Frank Llewellyn Roberts and one of his roan Beef Shorthorn cattle Pictures: HADYN IBALL
Frank Milnes, secretary of the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society said: "The Ballylinney herd is one of the largest herds of Pedigree Beef Shorthorns in the UK.
As 19th-century American consumers began seeking steaks that could be politely chewed rather than gnawed, the rugged Longhorns were crossbred with stylish Shorthorn cattle from Scotland.
Left: Dairy Shorthorn Cattle Special winner; above, the Ryeland sheep being judged; right, crowds throng the show on day two; and, far right, Oxford Sandy & Black pigs shown by the Nicholases of Tregare, Monmouthshire Pictures: Peter Bolter(c)
Having recently introduced a new herd of Shorthorn cattle on to his farm, Maxwell decided to introduce eradication as part of his breeding policy.
Mrs Evans breeds pedigree beef shorthorn cattle on her organic farm near Hereford and sells cows to other farmers.
1998a); *7, *8, *9, *21, *24 and *27 representing 70% of the alleles in Japanese Shorthorn cattle (Takeshima et al.
BEEF Shorthorn cattle will be back at the Royal Welsh Centenary Show after an absence of 30 years and two new breeds will be seen in the pig lines.
They rear 60 dairy shorthorn cattle, which have been bred over 25 years, 100 sheep and two angora goats.
Events will include a chance to see the farm's herd of shorthorn cattle, a static display of farm machinery, a hosted farm tour, a chance to pick your own summer salads and taste delicious homegrown food.
Increasing awareness from large retailers has meant brands such as Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn cattle are being sold to supermarkets at a premium price, representing a niche market for many producers.
The original Shorthorn cattle were very much dual-purpose animals but subsequent breeding, and selection for specialist beef traits, led to a division of the herd book and the formation in 1959 of the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society.