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In telephony, the carbon microphone that converts sound waves into audio-frequency signals.



(Russian, transmitter).(1) A telegraph transmitting device in which code combinations of the characters in the text of a telegram are automatically converted into a series of electric current impulses that are sent to a communication line. The code combinations are represented by holes in a perforated paper tape.

During the initial stage in the development of telegraphy the electromechanical transmitter invented by C. Wheatstone in 1858 was used, and the Morse code, a type of unequal-length code, was employed. By the end of the 1950’s an electromechanical transmitter employing an equal-length five-element code had come into general use. In such a transmitter the perforated tape is advanced one step for each rotation of the transmitting distributor, and brush arms “read” the next code combination from the tape; by actuating contacts the brush arms produce the corresponding five-element combination of current and no-current signals. Telegraph transmitters are designed either as an accessory for automating the operation of the keyboard of telegraph transmitting equipment or as an independent unit. The use of a transmitter makes it possible to increase the output of transmitting equipment and the efficiency with which a communication channel is used.

(2) A transmitting device in remote-control and remote-signaling systems that is used in railroad transport to transmit coded electrical signals over a track circuit.


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A device that generates signals. Contrast with receiver.
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Creation of an overall system, consisting of six 10 kW shortwave transmitters with software for the remote control system and operator displays, including six external fan systems with the appropriate pre-filter, six antenna selector switch, six fire alarm systems with inert gas quenching device, a remote control device via the web interface, possibly six tax brackets with the appropriate software, a corresponding documentation of the transmitter and the complete system, including training, dismantling and disposal of the old systems, supply, installation and integration of the station into the existing infrastructure of the weather radio end point, as well as commissioning.
KUWAIT, March 8 (KUNA) -- Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri on Thursday opened a project updating shortwave transmitters from analogue to digital radio mondiale (DRM) broadcasting systems, at Kabd radio station.
They also destroyed our shortwave transmitters and all broadcast equipment that they saw," he said.
It emphasized news items and lifestyles and was already established with shortwave transmitters in the United States.