Shropshire sheep

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Shropshire sheep,

mutton breed developed from the native sheep of Shropshire and Staffordshire, England. As early as 1340 there was a grade of wool known as Shropshire, but the breed was not officially recognized until about the middle of the 19th cent. The Shropshire is of medium size, has a dark face, is prolific and fast growing, and produces a good grade of mutton and wool. Because of its adaptability, it has spread widely over the world. It is the most popular breed of English origin in the United States, to which its importation began c.1855.
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Instead he was thinking of a girl with eyes as soft as a dove's, lips like a thread of scarlet and small white teeth as even as a flock of his own Shropshire sheep.
Shropshire sheep have been officially removed from the Rare Breed Survival Trust's (RBST) watch list, it was announced last week, at a briefing in London attended by Prince Charles and other supporters of native farm animals.
But her the Shropshire sheep were unplaced in the section finals and so the championship went to Gerwyn Jones, Toppan, and his Shetland sheep.
We plant every year and have Shropshire sheep to keep the grass and weeds down.
Farmer Adam Clive Davies, a pedigree livestock farmer near Kidderminster who farms 100 head of Herefordshire cattle and around two dozen Shropshire sheep, agreed it was difficult to see the point of some of the recently introduced measures which upped the cost to farmers and prevented them spending time out in the fields.
Herbicides are a thing of the past for the Morgans at Poundffald Farm as a herd of Shropshire sheep has been moved in to eat the weeds between the trees.
Many consider a herd of Shropshire sheep to be more fitting for the area, famed for its natural beauty.
Shetland breeder Gerwyn Jones, Toppan, currently has a five point lead over Efa Jones, Ty''n Berllan, and her Shropshire sheep.
If you come you will see people in the cottage cooking, the horses out and about doing something, machinery that's been restored, lots of pigs, Shropshire sheep, Norfolk turkeys, donkeys.
The Shropshire sheep also produce high quality meat and this breed has won numerous carcase competitions.
Peter and Joy Price have bought a small flock of Shropshire sheep to graze their 10-acre plantation near Llandegla, Wrexham.
Beef and pork predominated - Shropshire sheep were more prized for their wool than their flesh - with a wide variety of game animals and birds too.