Shteiman, Stanislav Ivanovich

Shteiman, Stanislav Ivanovich


Born Dec. 6 (18), 1887, in the village of Vaikulāni, in what is now Daugavpils Raion, Latvian SSR; died Nov. 26,1965, in the settlement of Ka-ravaevo, Kostroma Raion, Kostroma Oblast. Soviet zootechni-cian. Hero of Socialist Labor (1949); Honored Zootechnician of the RSFSR (1951). Member of the CPSU from 1939.

Beginning in 1920, Shteiman worked in the Gorinskoe and Iva-novskoe sovkhozes in Kostroma Province. In 1927 he began working in the Karavaevo Sovkhoz, first as senior zootechnician and then as chief zootechnician. He was one of the persons involved in the efforts to breed Kostroma cattle, for which he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1943. Working with a team of Karavaevo stock breeders, he developed the very valuable pedigree herd that, became the nucleus of the Kostroma breed. He devised a method for raising calves in unheated quarters in the winter and in the open in the summer that is currently used in the USSR and abroad. Shteiman was the author of many studies on the improvement of dairy herds.

Shteiman served as a deputy to the second, third, and fourth convocations of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. He was awarded six Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and various medals.


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