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river, China: see XiangXiang
or Siang
, river, 715 mi (1,151 km) long, rising in NE Guangxi prov. and flowing N through Hunan prov. to Dongting Lake, SE China. The river is navigable to large vessels for most of its course; Changsha is the largest city and major port.
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, Hsiang, Siang
1. a river in SE central China, rising in NE Guangxi Zhuang and flowing northeast and north to Dongting Lake. Length: about 1150 km (715 miles)
2. a river in S China, rising in SE Y?nnan and flowing generally east to the Hongxiu (the upper course of the Xi River). Length: about 800 km (500 miles)
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She said in her complaint that she was a resident of Dorzeling Village in Arunachal West Siang District and had come to Tawang District in search of a job, and if not a job, to explore the possibility of starting a business in mobiles and laptops.
Beschrieben wird die neue Art der Gebirgswelse, die den Glyptosterninae zuzuordnen ist: Creteuchiloglanis payjab, vom Yomgo-Fluss bei Mechuka, einem Nebenfluss des Siang im Brahmaputra-Becken, Arunachal Pradesh, Indi-en.
In my exploration of the identity of the Siang I consider origin myths, linguistic evidence, the relevance of "stratification," and religion as markers of identity.
The TC Bank Le Siang Precious Card targets consumers who are interested in gourmet dining and traveling.
The new facility is part of Tian Siang Premium Auto Ipoh's present 4S BMW dealership, and covers a total built up space of 203 square metres.
The Art of the Wind-Up Alarm Clock" had the feel of a jazzy take on classical piano, rooted with Siang on piano and spiced up by Koh Mr.
Kit Siang argued the motion be debated because Abdullah, Najib and Rosmah's names were mentioned in the sworn statement.
The issue was raised by opposition leader Lim Kit Siang from the Democratic Action Party in response to remarks made by lawmaker Syed Hood Syed Edros at Parliament last month.
We hope to play an integral part in contributing to real estate development in Chengdu," said Loh Siang Huei, Managing Director of CB Richard Ellis in Chengdu.
The Malaysian opposition has criticised the airline's spending and the opposition leader Lim Kit Siang said it was "shocking and unacceptable".
Siang Pheng Ong is a senior research and development engineer with laser skin regeneration venture Enfis, which is headquartered at the Welsh Development Agency's Technium business incubator facility.
The deceased's mother, Zhiang Chun Siang, broke down in tears during the hearing and later had to be helped away from Kilmainham District Court.