Siberian Crane

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Siberian Crane


(Grus leucogeranus), a bird of the family Gruidae. The Siberian crane ranges from 1.2 to 1.4 m in length and from 5.3 to 7.4 kg in weight. The adult is white, and juvenals are tinged with red. The bill, legs, and bare parts of the head are red.

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The Siberian crane is found in the tundra and forest-tundra zones of Yakutia from the lana River to the Kolyma River; in 1962 about 300 pairs inhabited this region. A few individuals are encountered in the lower reaches of the Ob’ River. The birds winter in southeastern China and, rarely, in northern Hindustan; their wintering sites may possibly include Iran. They arrive in Siberia in May and leave in September. The nest is placed in tussocks; a clutch contains one or two olive-gray spotted eggs. The diet consists of rootstocks, tubers, shoots, berries, insects, rodents, and small fish. The Siberian crane, whose numbers are rapidly diminishing, is accorded full protection.

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