Sibylline Oracles

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Sibylline Oracles:

see PseudepigraphaPseudepigrapha
[Gr.,=things falsely ascribed], a collection of early Jewish and some Jewish-Christian writings composed between c.200 B.C. and c.A.D. 200, not found in the Bible or rabbinic writings.
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The Sibylline Oracles called it a double-edged sword that destroys the spirit.
For example, consider this quote from the Sibylline Oracles, chap.
However, we have seen how a consistent theme is maintained neither in the passage from Sibylline Oracles, which he quotes, nor in the excerpt from Proverbs.
Support for the view that Judaism was active in seeking to win proselytes may be found in the Letter of Aristeas (266), the Sibylline Oracles (3.