Szechwan Basin

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Szechwan Basin


(also Red Basin), an intermontane basin in China, situated in the river basin of the middle Yangtze and two of its tributaries, the Min and Chialing rivers. The basin, which has an area of 200,000 sq km, is bordered by the Sino-Tibetan Mountains in the west, the Tsinling and Tapa ranges in the north, and the Kweichow Plateau in the south. It is composed of a layer of Jurassic and Cretaceous red sandstones as much as 4,000 m in thickness (hence the name Red Basin). Shaped like a terraced amphitheater facing south toward the Yangtze River valley, the basin has average elevations of 400–500 m and rises to 1,000 m along the periphery. Flat-topped hills 50–100 m higher than the surrounding land predominate. Artificial terracing of slopes is widespread.

The region has a subtropical monsoonal climate, with a warm winter and wet summer. Annual precipitation ranges from 800 to 1,750 mm, with the maximum in the summer. Because the mountains protect the Szechwan Basin from cold northern winds, the growing season lasts almost the entire year. The rivers are used extensively for irrigation. A lower vegetation belt features broad-leaved forests, which include oak and kastanopsis. Coniferous and fir forests are found above 2,200 m. The cities of Chungking and Chengtu are situated in the Szechwan Basin.


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542 billion, mainly for development in Shengli oilfield, Tahe oilfield and Sichuan Basin, development of Fuling shale gas, LNG projects in Guangxi and Tianjin, pipeline pressure boosting for Sichuan to East China Gas Transmission Project, Jinan-to-Qingdao Gas Transmission PipelineaiProject and overseas projects.
The oil titan likewise consented with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to partner on shale gas exploration and generation in the Sichuan Basin and also fuel retailing in China.
PetroChina will focus on two pilot zones -- Weiyuan-Changning in southwest Sichuan basin and Zhaotong in Yunnan province.
The authors have a more ambitious goal in mind: theorising landscape and understanding the Sichuan Basin, Three Gorges and Middle Yangzi in terms of what they term 'topographies'--political, economic and ritual.
Torrential rains have battered much of the Sichuan Basin since Thursday morning, halting road traffic and causing rivers to swell, Xinhua quoted the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters as saying.
In China, Eni and CNPC also agreed to jointly study the development of the Rongchang shale gas block, which covers 2,000 square kilometres (770 square miles) in the Sichuan Basin, and which Eni said "has proven to be the most promising in the country to date".
China's Sichuan basin, which is highly prospective for shale gas, has been the home of the country's conventional gas industry for thousands of years.
Large-scale production of shale gas from the Sichuan basin will not be easy.
TOKYO, Dec 25 (KUNA) -- World's fifth-largest oil company Sinopec Group, said Tuesday it will jointly study shale gas development with Conocophilips in west China's Sichuan Basin over the next two years, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.
According to an international team of geologists, the Indian tectonic plate began its collision with Asia between 55 and 50 million years ago, but "significant topographic relief existed adjacent to the Sichuan Basin prior to the Indo-Asian collision.
The dam the loader was reinforcing is meant to counter recent heavy rain in the Sichuan Basin and upstream sections of the Yangtze River, which has been the scene of significant localised flooding in recent days.
The other eight important city clusters also take over the floods plains along the Yangzi River, Huaihe River, Liaohe River, Heilongjiang River, and Yellow River, as well as the most productive basins including Sichuan Basin and Guanzhong Basin.