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We are also funding crucial research into one of the toughest side effects of chemotherapy, serious liver damage.
The side effects of chemotherapy differ between patients, but they can take you on a journey to some very nasty places.
The two bio-active milk components developed for ReCharge have the unique potential to assist the body in coping with the side effects of chemotherapy," Dr Hill said.
Children who need bone marrow transplants may be spared some of the worst side effects of chemotherapy after doctors developed a new technique to prevent rejection.
The 12 articles here address sources of exposure ranging from recreational drugs to industrial chemicals, including MDMA (Ecstasy) and its effects on serotonin, certain pesticides and chemical warfare agents and their ability to induce muscle paralysis, local anesthetics and their possible link to ischemic injury or Alzheimer's Disease, alcohol and peripheral neuropathy, the deposition of amyloid peptides and Alzheimer's Disease, 3-nitropropionic acid and symptoms similar to Huntington's Chorea, antineoplastic drugs and damage to the peripheral nervous system, side effects of chemotherapy, cefepime-induced encephalopathy, simulation of Parkinson's Disease, and the effects of overexposure to manganese.
The researchers speculated that physicians have concerns about patients' ability to tolerate the side effects of chemotherapy, and the uncertainty about patients' tolerance increases with increasing social distance.
Newer research raises the possibility that manipulating p53 might minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and permit doctors to administer more-potent treatments.
The University of Bath team hope the new method, known as Fibrasorb, could also cut the number of patients who die from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy because they need such high doses to tackle their cancers.
ETHERIDGE SMOKED POT: Melissa Etheridge says she smoked medicinal marijuana to help with the side effects of chemotherapy during her treatment for breast cancer.
For instance, green globs hurled by the Robarf monster symbolize the side effects of chemotherapy.
The program helps women cancer patients regain their self-esteem by overcoming the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy.