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(1) Copying files from a site on the Internet to the user's account in an online storage service, rather than downloading them to the user's computer.

(2) To install an application on a mobile device from an online marketplace that is not sanctioned by the device maker.

(3) Copying files from a computer to an SD card that is then inserted into a mobile device.

(4) Transferring data to a computer first and then from the computer to the mobile device.

(5) Copying an app from a computer to a mobile device rather than downloading it from the online store.
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Xiaomi understands that sideloading an app may be difficult for the average consumer so they are working on a unique solution.
You may still be affected by it, however, as Chrome allows sideloading extensions when developer mode is on, and adding the extensions from nefarious sites would allow it to be installed on your PC.
Infected users received the malicious version by sideloading the app, circumventing the Google Play store, and instead downloading an Android application package format from the web, Amanda McAdoo, digital marketing coordinator at the Carlsbad, Calif.
Previously only sideloading vehicles were permitted a licence - but changes agreed by Stockton Council's cabinet will allow rear loading vehicles, which are cheaper to purchase and maintain, to be licenced as well.
It is the intent of these specifications to describe a Sideloading Refuse Collection Vehicle, that will meet the performance, safely and standardization requirements of the Municipality I of Anchorage, Solid Waste Services (SWS).
Easier Deployment - Microsoft has enabled sideloading for any domain-joined Windows Pro PC or tablet to help businesses develop and deploy modern apps for their workforce.
People can also access apps from Nokia Store, more than a dozen third-party app stores and by sideloading," he added.
People can access curated, quality-tested apps from Nokia Store, more than a dozen third-party app stores and by sideloading.
An exclusivity agreement means O2 customers are getting access to the app before anyone else, although if you're Android savvy there are ways of sideloading the app if you're on a different network.
Other features found only in Windows 8 Enterprise, Visser said, range from DirectAccess, which lets remote workers access corporate resources without a VPN, or virtual private network, to sideloading of company-built Metro apps, letting administrators control what goes on employees' devices and eliminating the need for them to tap into the consumer-grade Windows Store.
Cypress Semiconductor Corp (NYSE:CY)(from 12 November Nasdaq:CY) is introducing an upgraded module for its West Bridge peripheral controllers that offers fast sideloading solution for transfer of multimedia files from a PC to handheld device via the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), the provider of mixed-signal, programmable solutions said on Wednesday.
lt;p>Movies are first downloaded to a PC and then moved to the mobile phone -- so called sideloading.