Sidonius Apollinaris

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Sidonius Apollinaris


(Gaius Sollius Modestus Apolli-naris Sidonius). Born during the early A.D. 430’s, in Lugdunum (now Lyon); died Aug. 21, 483 (?), in Arvernia (now Clermont-Ferrand). Gallo-Roman writer.

Sidonius Apollinaris was born into a rich, aristocratic family. In 468, Anthemius, emperor of the Western Roman Empire, appointed him prefect of Rome and later elevated him to patrician status. In 471 or 472, Sidonius Apollinaris became bishop of Arvernia.

Sidonius Apollinaris was famous for his verse panegyrics honoring the Western Roman emperors Avitus, Majorian, and Anthemius. His works, particularly his letters, are a valuable source for the history of the Visigoth conquest of Gaul and the sociopolitical and cultural life of this period. Sidonius Apollinaris reflected the attitudes of the Gallo-Roman aristocracy during the decline of the Western Roman Empire.


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