Signal Lamp

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Signal Lamp


an electric light source used in various light indicating systems. A signal lamp may be a low-power incandescent lamp with a light filter or a colored (for example, green or red) plano-convex lens. Such signal lamps are used on switchboards, consoles, control panels, and other electrical equipment where indicating lights are required. Gas-discharge devices are often employed as signal lamps. Usually these devices are neon lamps, which provide an orange-red light. Neon lamps are more advantageous than incandescent lamps, because they consume less power and produce less heat yet provide adequate light.

pilot light

1. A light which is associated with and indicative of the operation of a circuit, control, or device.
2. A small flame (which burns constantly) used to ignite the burner in a gas appliance.
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It is essential that the city convert all existing incandescent traffic signal lamps to LED modules as quickly as possible, however this must be done in a fiscally responsible manner and based on sound management practices,'' Villaraigosa wrote in the letter.
Light emitting diodes (LED) transmit information in much the same fashion sailors used signal lamps to flash messages between ships at sea, Baiden says.
Typical applications for this device include rear combination lamps, daytime running lights, fog lights, center high-mounted stop lamp arrays, turn signal lamps and LCD backlighting.
The model features new designs for the front grille and bumper, outside door mirrors with built-in turn signal lamps, new body colours, a slide function for the centre console armrest, chrome-plated inside door openers, and black wood-grain interior.
Dialight, with its installation partner Republic ITS, has been selected as the sole supplier of LED traffic signals for the retrofit of all incandescent traffic signal lamps owned and operated by Miami-Dade County.
They have been the primary light source for center high-mount stop lamps, tail lamps, rear signal lamps, marker (position) lamps, mirror-signals and other exterior colored lighting applications on cars and trucks in every geographic region and from virtually every manufacturer.
PARIS, January 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The lighting systems on the Volvo S60 concept car presented at the Detroit Auto Show provide a glimpse of the next generation of headlamps and signal lamps, with their innovative look and increased performance.
Hella also has developed new signal lamps and beacons especially for construction vehicles.
Signal-Stat's exterior product lines, which include clearance and marker lamps, signal lamps, back-up lamps and alarms and emergency lighting, accounted for approximately 70% of annual sales.
Depo Auto Parts Industry Company develops, manufactures, and distributes replacement lamps for automobile (front lamps, rear lamps, side signal lamps, high-mounted brake lamps, and fog lamps) under its own labels of "Depo" and "Lucid".
The full-function TSSM interfaces with the vehicle turn signal lamps for notification of arming and disarming.

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