Signal Amplifier

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Signal Amplifier


a device used to increase the power of electric signals. Since the amplified signals are variations in time, or oscillations, of voltage or current, a signal amplifier is, essentially, an amplifier of electric oscillations.

Signal amplifiers may be divided into such classes as low-or high-frequency amplifiers, video amplifiers, and DC amplifiers. Signal amplifiers also include instrument amplifiers, which are used as components of such measurement apparatus as electronic voltmeters, oscilloscopes, potentiometers, and instruments that use bridges. An instrument amplifier makes possible increased sensitivity and accuracy in the measurement of both electrical and nonelectrical quantities. The primary requirement of such an amplifier—that it provide a fixed gain—is satisfied owing to its large amount of negative feedback. Moreover, in a number of instruments, such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes, the amplifier must ensure normal operation of the instrument over a wide frequency range that sometimes extends from zero to several gigahertz.


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The all-in-one signal amplifier, charger and cradle combo features Wilson Electronics' bi-directional Smart Technology[TM] signal amplifier and battery charger built into a phone-specific "slip-in" cradle.
A simple method of designing large signal amplifiers was presented and demonstrated on a 22 GHz PBT amplifier.
In general, small signal amplifiers at UHF use a chip inductor as an RF choke for bias.
Genisphere's 3DNA([R]) signal amplifiers will enable the commercialization of new LF assays that otherwise could not be launched due to unacceptably low sensitivity and will help test-makers differentiate themselves in the competitive POC testing market, which is flooded with products that are limited by both sensitivity and quantitative accuracy.
Proposed solution shall include any signal amplifiers required to provide reliable communications.
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OB), a provider of a comprehensive suite of wireless telecommunications solutions, announced on Wednesday that Boston Amplifier, a designer and manufacturer of high quality wireless signal amplifiers and repeater systems, has signed a new distribution agreement appointing Teletouch's wholly-owned subsidiary, Progressive Concepts Inc dba PCI Wholesale, as its exclusive Central Region Distributor, covering 17 US states and a variety of exclusive retail and other distribution accounts.
Droste and his colleagues were able to overcome the challenges by installing nine signal amplifiers along a 920-kilometer-long fiber link.
This announcement was came as a reaction to an inquiry by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the mobile operators Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise to enhance the mobile infrastructure, made at the beginning of September According to these provisions, 1,700 carriages are due to be supplied with signal amplifiers and a large number of additional antennas to be installed along the tracks until 2020.
The results presented in this article allow RF amplifier designers to specify and measure the TDMA signal amplifiers using simple I[P.
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In addition, Powerwave will be showing its new iCC Internet Commanded Combiner and a complete line of RF broadband site solutions for fast and economic deployment of 4G networks that includes signal combiners, signal amplifiers and broadband antennas.