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see SiegfriedSiegfried
or Sigurd
, great folk hero of early and medieval Germanic mythology. His legend, important in several Germanic epics, recounts his killing of the dragon Fafnir, his marriage to Gudrun (or Kriemhild), his love and betrayal of Brunhild, and his tragic death.
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The next Sigurd event is due to take place from January 23 to 25 in "the heart of England" and promises sessions on "fighting fundamentals - break-falls and stance recovery, defensive striking, vision and psychology".
Sigurd uses perverse logic to justify his website's completely immoral mission which is to help married people cheat on their partners.
Her grandsons, Finn Erik and Sigurd Egner, were born in 2006 and 2010, respectively.
Breivik revealed his pseudonym in a rambling 1,500-page manifesto posted online shortly before the attacks, in which he writes: "Everyone is using code names; mine is Sigurd (the Crusader).
This motive of the special function of Sigurd is an invention of the present poet"--JRRT, Sigurd & Gudrun [S&G] 53-54.
Marseilles-based musicologist and lecturer Andre Segond, who is our longest-serving correspondent in France, has written Ernest Reyer, a study of the composer best known for his two operas, Sigurd and Salammbo.
Having freed his beloved cousin Kristin from the clutches of their diabolical grandfather Sigurd, Sky seeks to thwart Sigurd's plans for everlasting life.
Of course, Sky is no stranger to either curses or to the dead, not since his grandfather Sigurd showed him that his family possessed the ancient power of the runes.
Currado, Dennis Termeer, Howard Engstrom, Sigurd Procyk, Mario Pacione, George Gecy, Bill Hier and Tom Kestler.
One of the most interesting results of this approach is to demonstrate the extraordinary closeness between Asplund and his collaborator at the Woodland Cemetery, Sigurd Lewerentz.
Djupstrom's compositions and piano performances have been recognized through awards and scholarships from institutions such as the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the ASCAP Foundation, the BMI Foundation, the Lotte Lehmann Foundation, and the Sigurd and Jarmila Rislov Foundation, among others.