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A Siksika First Nation man affected by a disastrous flood two-and-a-half years ago says he and other band members will protest until chief and council "open the books" into how money sent to the community for remediation is being spent.
Caption: Jay Waterchief, a youth delegate from the Siksika Nation, diocese of Calgary
In acknowledgement of the support he has received from the Siksika Nation, Fleury chose it as the destination.
Siksika First Nation is just one example of an Aboriginal community that created an off-reserve housing project in Calgary.
Stimson, from the Siksika First Nation, in Alberta, is what Saunders Dahl calls a "big name artist.
The Blackfeet are making considerable efforts to maintain their style of dance by hosting a World Chicken Dance Contest in Siksika, Alberta each year which is exclusively for Chicken dancers.
Lacey Little Bird lives at the Siksika First Nation reserve in Alberta and loves spending time with her grandmother, Kahasi.
This World Heritage Site sits in the picturesque valley of the Bow River, where the Siksika (Blackfoot tribe) and the Crown signed the historic Treaty Seven in 1877, securing the land.
The site of the project is located approximately 60 miles east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the land of the Siksika First Nations.
In addition to appointing lawyers to represent clients in need, Legal Aid Alberta has a number of specialized programs to help people and regions where legal needs are most acute: the Family Law Offices, Youth Criminal Defence Offices, Central Alberta Law Office, Immigration Services, and an office at Siksika Nation run in partnership with the Nation.
For example, at the outbreak of the Riel Rebellion in 1885, an influential Siksika chief named Big Plume went to the lodge of his chief, Crowfoot, and presented him with a small bundle containing tobacco, sweetgrass, and bullets.
on the Siksika Nation, is built on 2,000 acres of prairie grassland overlooking the Bow River.