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(inorganic chemistry)
Sin H2 n +2A class of silicon-based compounds analogous to alkanes, that is, straight-chain, saturated paraffin hydrocarbons; they can be gaseous or liquid. Also known as silicon hydride.



any one of several compounds of silicon with hydrogen that have the general formula SinH2n+n (seeSILICON HYDRIDES).

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A silane carrying only tetrasulfide groups (without alkoxy groups) is included comparable to the active sulfur content assumed to be available in the TESPT-added compound system.
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Wacker is expanding its product range of functional silanes with a new arylalkoxysilane monomer.
The crosslinking is regulated by the silane content of the resin and water-generating compound.
4), (5), (8), (9) Use of appropriate modifying substances and the method by which treatment is performed seem very important) Silane coupling agents (CAs) are often used to modify the silica surface due to their bifunctional structure.
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According to Morneritive, the NXT silane technology can help save energy, increase manufacturing efficiency and improve automotive safety.
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