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(inorganic chemistry)
Sin H2 n +2A class of silicon-based compounds analogous to alkanes, that is, straight-chain, saturated paraffin hydrocarbons; they can be gaseous or liquid. Also known as silicon hydride.



any one of several compounds of silicon with hydrogen that have the general formula SinH2n+n (seeSILICON HYDRIDES).

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Gelest offers SIVATE E610 Enhanced amine silane for use as an adhesive primer for metallic and siliceous substrates, coupling agent for thermoset and thermoplastic composites, corrosion inhibiting primer for paints and coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, and functionalization of Micro-Particles for use in adhesives and sealants.
Evonik produces silanes worldwide at sites in Germany, Belgium, China, and the USA.
Silanes being bifunctional promote ceramic resin adhesion and facilitate resin penetration into the acid etched ceramic by enhancing the wetting of the surface.
Silanes are used in various applications such as rubber & plastics, fiber treatment, adhesives & sealants, paint & coatings, and others.
26] showed that the orientation of talc particles was higher when the filler was treated with silanes.
Keywords Silane film, EIS, Silane film, Corrosion protection, Water concentration jump
Under this agreement, Silanes will market BioGaia's oral health lozenges under its diabetes care brand ProBucal-D.
Concrete sealers can be divided into two main groups: pore blockers and hydrophobic agents (such as silanes and siloxanes).
The new silane is said to virtually eliminate the ethanol that is released during the manufacturing and use of silica tyres.
Symposium on Silanes and Other Coupling Agents (6th: 2007: Cincinnati, Ohio) Ed.
Vanooij said that his research goal with silanes to bond rubber to metals was to find a process that could replace the brass coating on the steel cords in radial tires because brass technology has several drawbacks, one of which is that brass-coated steel is sensitive to corrosion.