Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley,

an industrial region, approximately 20 mi (32 km) long, in the Santa Clara Valley between Palo Alto and San Jose, mainly in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, W central Calif., where many computer manufacturing and design companies are located. Computer-software and other high-technology industries are also there. The name derives from high-purity siliconsilicon,
nonmetallic chemical element; symbol Si; at. no. 14; interval in which at. wt. ranges 28.084–28.086; m.p. 1,410°C;; b.p. 2,355°C;; sp. gr. 2.33 at 25°C;; valence usually +4.
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 used in making the semiconductors used in computers.

Silicon Valley

1. an industrial strip in W California, extending S of San Francisco, in which the US information technology industry is concentrated
2. any area in which industries associated with information technology are concentrated

Silicon Valley

An area south of San Francisco, California that is noted for its huge number of computer companies. Initially, Silicon Valley was confined to the Santa Clara valley and started north of Palo Alto stretching 25 miles south to San Jose. With expansion into neighboring towns, the entire San Franciso Bay area can be considered Silicon Valley.

Thousands of hardware, software and related firms have headquarters or offices in Silicon Valley, making it the largest confluence of high tech in the U.S. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the number of computer and electronics firms grew exponentially, which is when the area got its nickname. In the 1990s, software and Internet-related companies proliferated. A downside to all this has been high prices for houses and apartments. Real estate goes for two to 10 times prices elsewhere in the country, especially if there is any sizeable land, which is only for the very wealthy. See Silicon Beach and high-tech regions.

Silicon Valley
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Patil, who was TiE's first president, founded semiconductor maker Cirrus Logic as Patil Systems in 1981 and is considered a Silicon Valley icon for revolutionizing the way computer chips are made.
Others have called Shockley the "Moses" of Silicon Valley in that he led others to the Promised Land but couldn't enter himself.
While there are no hard statistics on the number of women leaving companies to join start-ups in Silicon Valley, the growing role of businesswomen is evident in a variety of ways.

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