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(design engineering)
A faucet or stopcock whose nozzle is bent downward. Also spelled bibb cock.

bibcock, bib, bibb, bib tap

A faucet or stopcock which has its nozzle bent downward.

faucet, bibcock, water tap

A water outlet valve; also called a cock.
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Another good reason for installing additional sillcocks or spigots where you need them is to make outdoor cleanup easier in seasonal weather.
KENT-Bromley: Tony Isbitt Photography 0181 460 5710, Deal: Nigel Hawiey Photography 01304 373656, Sittingbourne: Melvin Sillcock Photographer 01795 426856, Walderslade: Susan J Summers 01634 672157.
Bar Crawl through the Chronicle's Top 100: Highlights include Adam Dulye (The Abbott's Cellar), Kyle Itani (Hopscotch), Louis Maldonado (Spoonbar), Isaac Miller (Maven), Melissa Reitz (Bar Agricole), Mitchell and Steven Rosenthal (Town Hall), Rachel Sillcocks (Range), David Williams (Bull Valley Roadhouse), and many more.
According to Canton, the types of valves offered include ball, globe, special water supply line and gate valves, evaporative cooler, hose, sillcocks, valve boxes, stop and needle valves as well as miscellaneous types for industrial, commercial, metropolitan, building and residential applications.