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(organic chemistry)
R2SiO Any of a family of silica-based polymers in which R is an alkyl group, usually methyl; these polymers exist as oily liquids, greases, rubbers, resins, or plastics. Also known as oxosilane.



any of the compounds containing the grouping

Siloxanes are anhydrides of silicon acids. Organosiloxanes (seeORGANOSILICON COMPOUNDS) and polyorganosiloxanes (seeSILICONES) are the most important of these compounds. [23–1092–]

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Due to the many advantages that organomodified siloxanes offer for flame retardants, the tests by Evonik and its partners have aroused much interest among cable manufacturers: flame retardants based on metal hydroxides are enhanced in quality by additives that simplify and even widen the scope of their use.
Because of the flexibility of these bonds, the siloxane backbones offer high spreading coefficients and easy orientation at interfaces.
A pilot scale rig designed to spike carbon dioxide with controllable siloxane concentrations was used to generate model biogas.
Wang, GY, Xu, XD, Hu, CP, "Preparation and Properties of Waterborne Polyurethaneurea Consisting of Fluorinated Siloxane Units.
Polyvinyl siloxanes show the smallest dimensional changes on setting of all the elastomeric impression materials.
Both main-chain siloxanes with two average molecular weights of 3200 and 5600 (g/mol) and side-chain siloxanes with average molecular weights of 2500, 4900, and 16,000 (g/mol) were purchased from Shin-Etsu.
A 35% decrease in total FOG was recorded for Formulation B versus Formulation A, while the contributions of siloxanes to FOG emissions remained fairly constant.
In the case of linear siloxanes, both medium viscosity polymers (100-1,000 cP) and higher viscosity polymers (60,000- > [10.
Each product in the system also provides an effective, quality alternative to D5 siloxanes and D5 derivative materials.
Based on innovative defoamer technology, Foamex 843 is a formulation of polyether siloxanes and organic polymers containing fumed silica.
The solution was then poured in 10 mL of n-hexane to selectively precipitate the PBT-rich fraction, while the unreacted siloxanes remained in solution in n-hexane.