Silver Salmon

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Silver Salmon


(Oncorhynchus kisutch), a migratory fish of the genus of Pacific salmon. It usually measures 60–65 cm long and weighs 3–4 kg; sometimes it can weigh as much as 14 kg.

The coloration is silvery; the back is bluish with small black spots. During the mating season the fish is dark crimson.

The silver salmon is distributed in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean. In the USSR it is found from the Amur and Sakhalin to the Anadyr’ River. It spawns in autumn and winter, approximately 5,000 eggs each time. The young live one or two years in fresh water; then they descend to the sea, where they grow quickly, reaching sexual maturity in 15–16 months. The silver salmon is of commercial significance; it is valued more than the dog salmon (keta).


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The mouth of Chester Creek is the site of one of several projects in this watershed aimed at improving life for silver salmon and city residents.
The mainstem and Middle Fork of the Eel hold wild and hatchery Chinook salmon, silver salmon, and steelhead.
We stood then with limp arms beside the traffic jam of silver salmon and watched the urgent swell of life coming from the sea to spawn in the 10,000-year-old waters weeping from the melting Bering Glacier eight miles upstream on the Tsiu River.
Coho, or silver salmon have white gums; a threatened species in California, coho are unlawful to keep.
November into March, you can watch spawning king salmon, silver salmon, and steelhead leaping the fish ladder into the state-of-the-art hatchery here.
IT was a bright silver salmon which at first glance looked every inch the perfect January tay springer as it was slipped into the net.
LeBlanc, master fly tier Bill Wilbur, New England Fly Tiers president Don Soar, Dick Conroy and Govan Baird hooked coolers full of silver salmon between 10 and 20 pounds and sockeye salmon between 5 and 12 pounds.
Coho have always dominated the harvest by sport fishermen along the Oregon Coast, but only 276,000 of the silver salmon are expected to return to Oregon waters in 2008.
When fishing for grayling on the river Dee in North Wales in late November I saw an unbelievable number of silver salmon cavorting in pools - wonderful news.
Ken Hanley covers species (chum salmon, rockfish, striped bass, lingeod, and silver salmon, to name a few); fishing locations (over 80) in Washington, Oregon, California, and northern Baja; fly patterns with recipes and fishing techniques; and tips on equipment, reading the water, tides and moon phases, and field references for travelers.