Silver Salmon

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Silver Salmon


(Oncorhynchus kisutch), a migratory fish of the genus of Pacific salmon. It usually measures 60–65 cm long and weighs 3–4 kg; sometimes it can weigh as much as 14 kg.

The coloration is silvery; the back is bluish with small black spots. During the mating season the fish is dark crimson.

The silver salmon is distributed in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean. In the USSR it is found from the Amur and Sakhalin to the Anadyr’ River. It spawns in autumn and winter, approximately 5,000 eggs each time. The young live one or two years in fresh water; then they descend to the sea, where they grow quickly, reaching sexual maturity in 15–16 months. The silver salmon is of commercial significance; it is valued more than the dog salmon (keta).


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The Women's Silver Salmon Derby has been going on for nine years and is the only women's fish derby in Alaska.
Being able to see the flash of silver salmon, whether along Arctic Boulevard in Chester Creek or in any other of the many streams that pass through city neighborhoods, is the goal of "Salmon in the City," an ambitious partnership involving Anchorage, the Service, and many other government, private business, and individual citizen partners (http:// www.
Silver salmon remain in the area until November, and there are reports of silver salmon in rivers in January.
Another disturbing entry focused on a silver salmon in Alaska that stranded itself on a beach finning upstream; Quinnett struggled over whether to help the doomed fish, eventually deciding to let nature run its course.
Norwegian frozen farmed Atlantic salmon did a lot better at 1,883 tons, and strong competition is seen this summer between sockeye, farmed Pacific, farmed Atlantic and silver salmon.
Ranked by color and taste, Alaskan reds, or sockeyes, top the list, followed by silver salmon (cohos), kings, pinks, and chum salmon.
In February and March, you may see a winter run of steelhead or silver salmon migrating upstream (no fishing is allowed).
It just looked more exotic in the wild beauty of Ship Creek with its flashing red and silver salmon and glorious flames of fireweed.
Jeff Haines shared some of his dark red, silver salmon steaks with me - nothing finer.
But, instead of a fresh run silver salmon, it was a 22lb pike that finally came into the landing net.
IT was a bright silver salmon which at first glance looked every inch the perfect January tay springer as it was slipped into the net.