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see white-eyewhite-eye,
common name for warblerlike, arboreal birds, including 85 species in the family Zosteropidae, and for certain species of ducks. The members of Zosteropidae, with the exception of a few species, are marked by a ring of tiny, white feathers surrounding the eye and are
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Beehives & silver eye make up were much on display.
David Oresick, Executive Director, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh.
Bender recommends finishing the fly by adding a silver eye with a black pupil and epoxied head.
I follow with streaks of magenta blush and an insane amount of blue, green and silver eye shadow.
Silver Eye (Dh12,000) goes to Philip Cheung from Canada for his photograph 'PC 001'
As the moon sails on forever like a pure white silver eye.
Whether it is shimmering silver eye shadows, glitter laden lips glosses or sparkling golden body and face powders, metallic shades really shine.
The cabin is straight out of the Germanic book of design with plenty of grey, black and silver eye candy.
These outrageous gold and silver eye liners are great fun
50 each; liquid eyeliner in party gold or pink, pounds 12 each; three shades of brow gel, pounds 12 each; Party Eyes silver eye defining pencil, pounds 9.
His photographs have been exhibited at Concept Art Gallery, the Nikon House, the United Nations and Silver Eye Center for Photography.