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A platform from Microsoft for developing rich Internet applications for Windows and Mac. Silverlight was designed to compete with other multimedia platforms, including Adobe Flash/Flex, JavaFX and JavaScript. It is also used to create mobile apps for Windows Phone. In Silverlight development, the user interface is defined in the XAML markup language (see XAML).

As a subset of Microsoft's .NET environment, Silverlight broadens the scope for .NET developers, allowing them to run their programs not only on Windows, but on the Mac, and via the Moonlight project, on Linux PCs as well. See Moonlight and .NET.

Delivered as a plug-in for Internet Explorer, Firefox and other Web browsers, Silverlight supports animation, vector graphics, MP3 and Windows Media formats including the VC-1 video codec. Silverlight programs can be written in Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby.

The Windows Interface - Everywhere
Code-named Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E), Silverlight is the cross platform version of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) user interface, first deployed in Windows Vista. See VC-1, RIA and Windows Presentation Foundation.
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With a unified XAML product strategy, Infragistics introduces to both the WPF and Silverlight toolsets the new xamSchedule(TM), full-featured, Outlook 2010-style schedule controls that developers can add to their WPF and Silverlight Line of Business Applications and the new xamDataTree(TM) built to handle large amounts of data bound hierarchical data at blazing speeds.
Commenting on the release, James Johnson, the GrapeCity PowerTools Product Manager said, "By enabling Silverlight based data analysis combined with Excel export, the product effectively allows developers to benefit from the centralized deployment and distribution of their Silverlight based web application while giving users the rich client experience they get with traditional desktop tools.
NET, Silverlight, Mobile, and ActiveX suites and comes with a one-year subscription service that entitles you to free updates, product enhancements, and new products for the life of the subscription.
2 drives innovation in user experience by working with Silverlight to dramatically improve the interactivity, performance and scalability of enterprise-class project and resource management.
Microsoft Silverlight, the next-generation cross-browser platform for delivering rich media through the Web, uses Silverlight DRM powered by PlayReady to enable the protected delivery of rich content experiences over an Internet connection, with reach to both Windows-based PC and Mac users.
You can copy/paste formatted text from the DevExpress Rich Editor to a standard Silverlight control, and vice versa.
13 new controls for its XAML suites including TreeListView for both Silverlight and WPF, DataPager, DataFilter, and more
And because it is approaching 60 percent installation on Internet-connected devices worldwide, Silverlight is a natural fit for NASDAQ OMX and its broad base of consumers.
Microsoft is pleased to have Gizmox join the VSIP program and add more depth to enterprise Web applications with AJAX, DHTML or Silverlight as their presentation layer," said Joe Marini, director of the Development Tools Ecosystem team at Microsoft Corp.
com), a specialist in designing and developing Silverlight applications for the financial industry, today announced EPCatalyst , a rapid development platform created to deliver sophisticated Microsoft Silverlight-based applications.
We welcome CacheLogic's plans to support Silverlight and the introduction of Velocix Video Streaming, and their Windows Media streaming service" said Tom Honeybone, Senior Director in Microsoft's Silverlight Product Group.
NEW ORLEANS -- PreEmptive Solutions, a leading provider of solutions to measure, manage, and protect applications, announced today that Dotfuscator and Runtime Intelligence offer the industry's first universal means to monitor and protect Microsoft Silverlight applications.