Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

highly effective, sentimental Abolitionist novel. [Am. Lit.: Jameson, 513]
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Upon Eva's death, Uncle Tom enters a new realm of spiritual maturity enabling him to persevere through his trial unto death at the hands of Simon Legree.
Both were good finishes, and the second of them was a thriller, The Tsarevich being forced past Richard Dunwoody on Roadster only in the dying strides, with Simon Legree and Another City bang there too.
Gooch's sadism rivals that of the most infamous masters and overseers from autobiography and fiction and anticipates such figures as Douglass's Austin Gore and Stowe's Simon Legree.
Operating "in true Simon Legree fashion," according to various sources quoted here, the "notoriously harsh," "acrid martinet" took "glee .