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(HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) A control function that lets one A/V component control another if they are connected via HDMI cables. For example, inserting a disc into the DVD player would turn on the TV automatically or the A/V receiver, if part of the system. Using proprietary brand names, HDMI CEC initially worked only when components were from the same vendor. Increasingly, HDMI CEC works across vendors' products. See HDMI.
HDMI CECBranding      Vendor

    Anynet        Samsung

    BRAVIA Sync   Sony

    KURO Link     Pioneer

    NetCommand    Mitsubishi

    REGZA-LINK    Toshiba

    RIHD (Remote
    over HDMI)    Onkyo

    SimpLink      LG
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In addition, a SimpLink HDMI interface lets consumers transmit content from other media devices right to their TV, according to the statement.
LG's SIMPLINK connectivity also allows users to operate all functions with a single remote control.
Confirming the old adage "good things come in small packages," LG's sleek 5-disc DVD home theater system (LHT874) features LG SimpLink(TM) technology, which allows the consumer to control other LG SimpLink devices, such as TVs or DVD players, on-screen or directly from each component with one central control.
LG's SIMPLINK technology lets users search AV input automatically on the flat screen with a single remote.