Simple Pendulum

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simple pendulum

[′sim·pəl ′pen·jə·ləm]
A device consisting of a small, massive body suspended by an inextensible object of negligible mass from a fixed horizontal axis about which the body and suspension are free to rotate.

Pendulum, Simple


a point mass that as a result of the force of gravity oscillates along a circular arc in a vertical plane. A bob suspended on an inextensible string for all practical purposes can be considered to be a simple pendulum if the dimensions of the bob are very small compared with the length of the string and if the mass of the string is very small compared with the mass of the bob. (See.)

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The algebraic manipulation required here to establish the reasonableness of the experimentally derived equation by comparison with the standard form of the simple pendulum equation would only be appropriate for upper secondary students.
Table 1: A sample of data collected by experimenting with a simple pendulum.
In some nonlinear systems, unlike in the case of a simple pendulum, the attractor is a fractal.