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1. Maths an expression consisting of a single term, such as 5ax
2. consisting of a single algebraic term
3. Biology of, relating to, or denoting a taxonomic name that consists of a single term



the simplest type of algebraic expression considered in elementary algebra. A product consisting of a numerical coefficient and one or several variables, each with some integral positive exponent, is called a monomial. An individual numeral without literal factors is also called a monomial. Examples of monomials are –5ax3, + a3c3xy, –7, + x3 and –a. In these examples, the coefficient +1 is implicit for the monomials +a3c3xy and +x3 and the coefficient –1 is implicit for the monomial –a.

In older algebra textbooks, an algebraic expression in which the last operation in the order of operations is not addition or subtraction is sometimes called a monomial. In this case, for example, the expressions 2(a + b) and x/(y + 1) are called monomials. However, even textbooks that start out by using this definition usually subsequently treat monomials in the narrower sense given above.


A polynomial of degree one.
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Our computation is much more simpler than that of [21] where the DMT computation was formulated as an optimization problem and no explicit or simple expressions were provided for arbitrary number of antennas.
Simple Expression Quilts teaches how to take a single patchwork quilt and adorn it with a word to express belief, hope, faith, grace, peace, kindness and more, and is a pick for any who would choose from the word or alphabet patterns provided and adorn them with appliques.
Speaking to reporters after five sessions of intensive talks with the delegates of the world powers in the Russian capital on Tuesday, Saeed Jalili described the Moscow talks as "more serious, more real and beyond a simple expression of stances".
I am convinced that our American friends can today allow themselves a stronger reaction than a simple expression of regret from the White House spokesman -- a reaction more inclined to eliminate once and for all these kinds of errors," Donald Tusk told reporters in Warsaw.
He said communities and developers will be encouraged to work together to submit a simple expression of interest, identifying sites on a map which Forestry Commission Wales will check for suitability.
Pricier, of course, a good example will always reveal "terroir" in addition to the simple expression of the grape.
However, given the amount of churn (35 percent of foreclosure starts are repeats) and the fact that, barring additional government programs, modification opportunities will likely dwindle (cures from foreclosure have dropped steadily since April 2009), this ratio provides a simple expression of the magnitude of the issues remaining.
No simple expression can be found for the voltage and current during a switching transient.
Thank you is a simple expression of gratitude that at times like these seems inadequate; yet is heartfelt and so deserved.
This simple expression of respect for the personal lives of our employees is repaid many times over in loyalty.
Her interpretations are clearly influenced by practice theorists, such as Catherine Bell, who views ritual "as a vehicle for the construction of relationships of authority and submission," as opposed to the simple expression of such authority (Ritual Perspectives and Dimensions [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997], 83), and especially by Margo Todd's innovative work on the formation of Reformed culture and communities in sixteenth-century Scotland.
A simple expression of compassion, a demonstration that we do not agree with the hurtful comments or the abuse, can go a long way to show a victim that the hateful attitude is not reflective of the entire community.

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