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(1) See SMA connector.

(2) (Shared Memory Architecture) See shared video memory.

(3) (Software Maintenance Association) A membership organization that began in 1985 and ended in 1996. With chapters worldwide, it was dedicated to advancements in software maintenance.

(4) (Systems Management Architecture) An IBM network management repository.

(5) (Spectrum Manufacturers Association) A DBMS standard for application compatibility.
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In this case MLP model outperformed both traditional multiple regression and simple moving average methods.
This is because a simple moving average is used in the standard deviation calculation and we wish to be logically consistent.
Furthermore you will get an overview of the most common techniques behind estimation of volatility such as simple moving average, exponentially weighted moving average and GARCH.
75, representing a 35% premium over the 90-day simple moving average price for the period ending October 24, 2013.
Furthermore, Bollinger bands are widening and the 50-day simple moving average remains ascending.
Red: Simple Moving Average (SMA)<br> Blue: Exponential Moving Average (EMA)<br> Green: Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)<br> Violet: Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)
US Dollar / Japanese Yen The USDJPY remains at risk of further losses as it has clearly reversed off of significant 200-day Simple Moving Average resistance and turned lower.
The single currency withstood pressure from a fairly lackluster stream of economic data, breaking a key 200-day Simple Moving Average and closing the week almost exactly at its highs.
McWilliams and his team first noticed this when the ten-day simple moving average (SMA) started moving towards the 20 day SMA.

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