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(sēnī`ä), town (1990 pop. 15,817), S central Romania, in Walachia, in the Transylvanian Alps. It is a health and winter sports resort and has a metalworking plant and manufactures such as foodstuffs and building materials. Sinaia was the summer residence of the kings of Romania until the abdication (1947) of King Michael. In the town are two former royal palaces (one of which, built in Renaissance style, contains an internationally famous art collection) as well as the royal hunting lodge, a 17th-century monastery, and a castle.



a city in central Rumania, in Prahova District; located in the southern Carpathians, in the Prahova River valley, on the slopes of the Bucegi Mountains. Population, 13,300 (1973).

Sinaia produces precision machinery, food products (meat, flour), wood products, and building materials. A museum devoted to the 15th and 16th centuries is located in the Peles Castle. The Sinaia Monastery is also in the city.

Sinaia is a mountain climatic health resort and a tourism and sports center. The winter is mild, with an average January temperature of -4°C, and the summer is moderately warm, with an average July temperature of 17°C. Precipitation totals approximately 900 mm annually.

Therapeutic remedies include helioaerotherapy and walking therapy. Among the diseases treated are secondary anemia, asthenia, and nontuberculous ailments of the respiratory tract. Sinaia has sanatoriums, houses of rest, and pensions.

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