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The eukaryote tree abounds with single-celled organisms practicing the basics that combine to make multicellular reproduction possible.
The journey begins in Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, close to where David grew up, where the discovery of a 560-million-year-old fossil - a complex organism called Charnia - helped transform understanding of how life began to evolve from the earliest single-celled organisms.
The aqueous Soft Avenue might have been made by torchlight on a nighttime dive, while The Nebulous evokes a microscopic view of single-celled organisms whirling through inner space.
Bernhard studies the ecology and biogeochemistry of some of the ocean's smallest inhabitants: single-celled organisms called foraminifera, which play a central role in the marine food web.
The esteemed and enduring Handbook of Zoology, a German work initiated in the 1920s, treats the whole animal kingdom, from single-celled organisms to mammals, in eight volumes, offering overviews on animal systematics and morphology and coverage of physiology, behavior, ecology, and applied aspects of zoological research.
What biologists know about life so far is that only single-celled organisms can live in places that have no oxygen, and that multicellular organisms can visit these places, but not live there.
The slime helps the single-celled organisms survive in the lake's extreme conditions.
Nutrients like iron or nitrogen provoke the growth of phytoplankton, algae-like single-celled organisms that are a major source of food in the ocean--in a process similar to fertilising a garden, say experts.
These algae, specifically phytoplankton, are microscopic single-celled organisms that form dense patches on the water's surface.
Sapphire Energy uses single-celled organisms such as algae to produce a chemical mixture from which it is possible to extract fuels for cars or aircraft.
Although the study involved only single-celled organisms, Snell indicates that the use of two different proteins in the two-step fertilization process may be the case in all species.
The inputs for algae are simple: the single-celled organisms need only sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to grow.

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