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or Sipahis
, Ottoman cavalry. The Spahis were organized in the 14th cent. on a feudal basis. The officers held fiefs (timars) granted to them by the sultan and commanded the personal loyalty of the peasants who worked the land.
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Soyle ki, Yavuz Sultan Selim zamaninda, 1514 senesinde, sipahi ve cebelilerin* sayisi 140 bini bulmustur.
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Our results have important implications," said cardiologist Ilke Sipahi of Cleveland Clinic.
6) Subject to the status restrictions outlined above, the sipahi represented the central authority of the state at a most diffuse village level.
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Our situation is akin to that of a ghayal sipahi ," he remarked.
Repair of sewerage chamber coverslab, broken drain & sewerage pipe near the qtr of Sri Sipahi Ram at Basantimata under CV Area.
Levent Sipahi, Wayne State University School of Medicine Elucidating molecular determinants in PTSD risk and resilience
But when I was in sixth class, I went to a fair in Hyderabad with my father where at a cinema hall I watched my first film Baghi Sipahi in which Sudheer was the hero.
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During her performances, Argerich will be accompanied by renowned Turkish violinist Ayla Erduran, her daughter violist Lyda Chen, violinist Omer Sipahi and cellist Jing Zhao, a statement from Bogazici University said on Monday.