Sir Andrew Aguecheek

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Aguecheek, Sir Andrew

silly old fop, believes himself young. [Br. Lit.: Twelfth Night]
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Later in the war he would not have done that; like Sir Andrew Aguecheek, he would have "seen him damned" first.
Meanwhile, Toby Belch and his friends Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Maria, and the fool play pranks to pass the time as Andrew waits in vain for Olivia to even notice him.
Todd James as Olivia's fool, Feste, succeeded in bringing out the veiled wisdom, puns and double-entendres of some of Shakespeare's cleverest writing and proved a fine balladeer throughout, while Andrew Keay coped well with the very different demands of Sebastian and Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
And Tucker doubles as Olivia's rowdy sot of a cousin, Sir Toby Belch, while Millonzi is his friend and dupe, the foolish Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
David Warner played Sir Andrew Aguecheek and when he came on stage with a loud aside "They've equalized", there followed the fastest finale in the history of Shakespeare.
Elsewhere, Liverpool favourites Adam Keast and Paul Duckworth produce a pair of delightful performances as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Feste the clown respectively.
Bruce Mackinnon is also back as poloshirt wearing, moon-walk dancing suitor Sir Andrew Aguecheek and he joins Nicholas Day's booze-hound Sir Toby Belch and Kevin Monagle as money-loving Feste for some serious drinking sessions.
PASSION Guy Henry as the power-hungry King John PLAYFULLNESS Clive Wood as Sir Toby Belch and John MacKay as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night
There are some fine performances from Emma Hamilton as the disguised Viola, Morgan Philpott as an affable Sir Toby Belch and Neal Foster as the foolish fop Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
In this he satirises the 'gull' or 'gallant', the foppish, pretentious man-about-town like Shakespeare's Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night.
But Dev was about to be bitten by the acting bug, when he played the comedy character Sir Andrew Aguecheek in a musical production of Twelfth Night.
Meigh's own Sir Toby Belch, sometimes drunk, always joking, was played without the usual padding but with a huge sense of fun, his friend Sir Andrew Aguecheek by Andy Byron as a gormless knight who managed to fall into the hedge at times.