Charles Algernon Parsons

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Parsons, Charles Algernon


Born June 13, 1854, in London; died Feb. 11, 1931, in Kingston, Jamaica. British engineer and entrepreneur. Member of the London Royal Society (1898).

Parsons graduated from Saint John’s College, Cambridge University, in 1876. The following year he began working at the Armstrong Works in Elswick. Parsons invented the multistage reaction steam turbine in 1884. He was a partner in the Armstrong firm from 1884 to 1889. In 1889 he founded an enterprise in Heaton to produce steam turbines of his design, as well as dynamos and other electrical equipment. Parsons’ turbines have played a great role in the development of power engineering. Parsons was president of the Institute of Marine Engineers in 1905–06.


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RACHEL PARSONS was born in 1885, the granddaughter of the third Earl of Rosse and only daughter of Sir Charles Parsons, the celebrated inventor of steam turbine engines.
The original design drawings, patent and first working model of his windscreen wiper are on display in a special section of Newcastle's Discovery Museum devoted to the innovations of famous North East England men like George and Robert Stephenson, Sir Charles Parsons and Joseph Swan.
She was designed by the Tyneside engineer Sir Charles Parsons in 1894 and was the world's first ship to be powered by steam turbines.
Participants at Sir Charles Parsons School in Walker had a session with a difference when the Toon duo turned up to join in.
The institution, the first of its kind in the country, was offi-cially opened on September 22, 1921, by Sir Charles Parsons who was considered to be one of the greatest engineers that this country had ever produced.
For the past 18 months, I have been attempting to piece together the life of a relative of mine, the late Miss Rachel Mary Parsons, only daughter of the Honourable Sir Charles Parsons, inventor of the steam turbine and grand-daughter of the 3rd Earl of Rosse, who was murdered by a stableman at her Newmarket home in 1956.
He based it on a 19th century concept originally invented by Newcastle marine engineer Sir Charles Parsons.
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Sustainable School: Cassop Primary School, County Durham; St Peter's CofE School; Brotton; Sir Charles Parsons School, Walker, Newcastle.