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Sir Edmund Hillary
BirthplaceAuckland, Dominion of New Zealand

Hillary, Edmund


Born July 20, 1919, in Auckland, New Zealand. Mountain climber and public figure.

In 1953, Hillary, together with Tenzing Norgay, made the first ascent of Chomolungma (Mount Everest), for which he was knighted. From 1955 to 1958 he headed the New Zealand section of the British Commonwealth transantarctic expedition, which reached the south pole. In 1960–61 he led an expedition to the Himalayas to study man’s acclimatization to the effects of high altitudes over a prolonged period. Hillary later became involved in organizing the construction of hospitals and schools for Sherpas in Nepal.


High Adventure. London [1955]. (With A. Spark and G. Djurkouic.)
East of Everest. New York [1956], (With G. Lowe.)
The Crossing of Antarctica. London [1958]. (With V. Fuchs.)
No Latitude for Error. London [1961].
High in the Thin Cold Air. [London, 1963.] (With D. Doig.)
Schoolhouse in the Clouds. [London, 1964.]
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Fueled by Grape-Nuts and determination, my father accomplished something no other person had done before when he made it to the top of Mount Everest in 1953," said Peter Hillary, board member of American Himalayan Foundation and son of Sir Edmund Hillary.
Brand ambassador of the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon Amelia Rose Hillary, the grand daughter of the late Sir Edmund Hillary, will also be present as a guest of honour.
The ashes of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest, will be kept at a memorial near the mountain and will not be scattered on the peak as he had desired.
Rahul is visiting New Zealand as the inaugural Sir Edmund Hillary Fellow, a fund set up to recognise the special contribution of the conqueror of Mount Everest to the relations between the two countries and also Nepal.
Q I HAVE a first edition, published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1955, of High Adventure by Sir Edmund Hillary.
KATHMANDU: Nepali Sherpa friends of Sir Edmund Hillary yesterday lit butter lamps and offered special Buddhist prayers in monasteries for the mountaineer, calling him a great philanthropist and friend of Nepal.
These were depleted by the deaths of former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath and the conqueror of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary.
THE public will have the chance to attend a thanksgiving service in memory of Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary, Buckingham Palace has announced.
DIGNITARIES from around the world paid their respects to Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary at his state funeral.
There are plans to name the only airport located in the region of Mount Everest after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, according to Nepal's tourism minister Prithvi Gurung.
AT the time I was born, Sir Edmund Hillary, who died last week, was a true British hero.
5 -- color) Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest in 1953, died at 88.