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Sir John Everett Millais and Sir Edward Burne-Jones both served as presidents.
Its stunning stained glass windows, created by Birmingham-born pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris & Co (whose famous company still exist today) are an artistic masterpiece.
Webb also designed St Martin's Church in Brampton, Cumbria, which boasts stained glass windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and made in the William Morris studio.
95; Portrait of Frances Graham, 1879, by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, from PS14.
The interiors feature many original wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings by William Morris, glass by Charles Kempe, ceramics by William de Morgan and artwork by Rossetti and Sir Edward Burne-Jones (whose famous stained glass windows make visiting St Philip's Cathedral in Birmingham so rewarding).
The exhibition runs at the Laing until January 2 in parallel with another dedicated to the Victorian artist, Sir Edward Burne-Jones.
The parish church is full of priceless treasures, including a famous Sir Edward Burne-Jones stained glass window and rare Della Robbia ceramic plaques in the baptistry.
John Christian, Edward Burne-Jones: The paintings, graphic and decorative works of Sir Edward Burne-Jones 1833-1898, exh.
We then get the note on the illustrator, a single paragraph of potted information on Sir Edward Burne-Jones, one of the most famous English artists of the nineteenth century, about whom numerous books have been written.
They were waiting to see the exhibition of works by Birmingham artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones, which started three months ago in the Gas Hall.
The 10-foot-by-12-foot oils by Sir Edward Burne-Jones were painted in 1888 and are titled ``The Nativity'' and ``The King and the Shepherd.
Lovers of the Pre-Raphaelite movement head straight for the enviable collection - the largest of its type in the world - with stunning pieces by artists such as Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, and John Ruskin.