Martin Frobisher

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Sir Martin Frobisher
BirthplaceAltofts, Yorkshire

Frobisher, Martin


Born circa 1530 or 1540 at Altofts, Yorkshire; died Nov. 22, 1594, in Plymouth. English navigator.

In the course of an expedition that was searching for a northwest passage to China and India (1576–78), Frobisher discovered the southern and southeastern coasts of Baffin Island (Meta Incognita Peninsula). He penetrated what are now Hudson and Davis straits, which separate Baffin Island from the mainland and from Greenland, and discovered the strait—which proved to be a bay—that was later named after him. Before and after his arctic voyages he was in command of pirate ships. In 1588, Frobisher took part in the campaign against the Spanish Armada.


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