Fleming, Sir John Ambrose

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Fleming, Sir John Ambrose,

1849–1945, English electrical engineer. He was a leader in the development of electric lighting, the telephone, and wireless telegraphy in England and the inventor of a thermionic valve (the first electron tube). Fleming was a professor at the Univ. of London and at University College and was knighted in 1929. Among his many publications are Fifty Years of Electricity (1921) and The Propagation of Electric Currents in Telephone and Telegraph Conductors (1911).


See his Memories of a Scientific Life (1934).

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When Sir John Fleming died, Lady Fleming in 1770 chose as her second husband Barbados-born Edwin Lascelles, widower, MP for Yorkshire, and a very rich man.
Bought the same year by one of Turner's patrons, Sir John Fleming Leicester, 1st Baron de Tabley, it was acquired by the entrepreneur James Morrison in 1827--the only time this much-exhibited canvas has appeared on the market since its initial sale.