Sir William Henry Bragg

Bragg, Sir William Henry


Born July 2, 1862, in Wigton, Cumberland; died Mar. 12, 1942. English physicist; member (1906) and president (1935-40) of the London Royal Society.

Bragg graduated from Cambridge University. He became a professor at the University of Adelaide (Australia) in 1886, at Leeds in 1909, and at London in 1915. In 1913 he and his son Sir W. L. Bragg used the diffraction of X rays in crystals to establish the characteristics of these rays and to decipher the structure of the crystals. He wrote a series of popular-scientific books. He received the Nobel Prize in 1915.


X-Ray and Crystal Structure, 4th ed. London, 1924. (With Sir W. L. Bragg.)
In Russian translation:
V mire atomov i molekul. Leningrad, 1926.
Vvedenie v analiz kristallov. Moscow-Leningrad, 1930.
Mir zvuka. Moscow-Leningrad, 1927.
Mir sveta. Moscow, 1935.
Istoriia elektromagnetizma. Moscow-Leningrad, 1947.


“Sir William Bragg…” Nature. [London] 1942. Vol. 139, no. 3778.
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