Site plan

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Site plan

A plan of a construction site showing the dimensions and contours of the lot and the dimensions of the building or portion thereof to be erected.

site plan

A plan of a construction site showing the position and dimensions of the building to be erected and the dimensions and contours of the lot.
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The Planning Board approved National Grid's site plan on Oct.
The Building Site Plans Solution includes libraries that are tailored for Cafes & Restaurants, Gyms & Spas, and more general Site plans.
Secretary irrigation said "we can present lay out plan and site plan of the project in the court.
A resident had appealed the Hot Springs Planning Commission's approval of the site plan for the racetrack.
However the owner did not apply for site plan approval despite being notified by staff, and did not obtain the actual building permit.
Glenwood Properties LLC appealed the approval of Martin Marietta Materials' site plan for a railroad yard, siding and terminal on 60 acres of industrial and agricultural property off of West New York Ave.
Wal-Mart wanted to make several changes to the site plan to better suit the company's new building prototype, which is smaller.
Last evening's decision reaffirms a vote taken last month by the board regarding the master site plan.
The group's site plan features eight housing units plus a common house, open space, a community garden, eco-friendly porous concrete parking areas, pedestrian trails and a rain garden.
This accomplishment comes on the heals of site plan approval from the township of Harrison for horizontal infrastructure--utilities and roadways--scheduled to begin January 2008.
revealed the master site plan for the 900-acre, multi-use residential resort and mega-yacht marina development in the Bahamas.
Problem criteria and contextual information, a site plan, passing and failing solutions, and specific information about the exam (supplies to bring, tips for success) are included.

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