a river in the Bashkir ASSR and the Tatar ASSR; a left tributary of the Belaia River of the Volga River basin. The Siun’ measures 209 km in length and drains an area of 4,500 sq km. It originates on the Bugul’ma-Belebei elevation. The river is fed primarily by snow. High water lasts from mid-April to mid-May. The mean flow rate is 14.8 cu m per sec.

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He graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1949 (Note: SIUN had become a full university during his junior year in college and became SIU.
Mikas siun Manalle saatto, "What brought you to the land of ilman tauin tappamata, the dead, not being killed by a disease surman muun murottamata?
Table 1: Angkor Borei (AB) ceramic chronology compared against Historical records Date Diagnostic Funan ceramic Phase I: Reduced ceramic Iron Age communities 500-200 BCE horizon Phase II: Reduced ceramics Hun rulers: Hun-t'ien and 200 BCE-300 CE Orange-slipped Hun-p'an-houang ware and Vat Fan rulers: Fan-che-man, Komnou wares Fan Kin-cheng, Fan Chan, Cord-marked Fan Chang, Fan Siun carinated ware (240-285?
SLANUN SIUN made a mess of the start in her most recent 540m contest but Katie O'Flaherty's bitch had been in pretty good form over the trip before that and should go well in an S1 at 10.
Family tributes: Maire O'Se, centre, at the unveiling yesterday with children Neasa, Siun and Padraig Og alongside Mick O'Dwyer
PAINTING TOWN RED Marc O Se and cousin Siun Ni She launch 2015 Phonewatch Comortas Peile Paidi o Se
Los usuarios de Siun en general han tenido un pasado y una vida normalizada y no tienen ningun problema de dependencia.
vejiga chibega vena saga venado (zool) siun vencer onglan (onglandre) vender chobade (chobadre) veneno gedege vengarse juiabege (juiabegle) venir yige ~ chige (yigedu ~ chigedu) ver mian (mindu) verano chuda verdad ulia, de-- mia verdaderamente mia verdadero tingle verde jlere verguenza ibuade ~ ibuate vertiente chi guagaba vestir(se) dodale (dodadre) vez kua, otra-- kogobene, na viejo judale (se usa en referencia a objetos), unsuni ~ unsuni (se usa en referencia a personas y animales).
Dut chel che tu iti as vulut / e che jo i ai fat, ca, tlmit e nut, / ades al e nenfra il siun e la muart, / sculurit quasi romai coma un recuart".
85 (1996/7); and Siun O'Keefe, First Among Equals: The Commission and the National Courts as Enforcers of EC Competition Law, 26 EUR.
Sargent chief executive Siun Cranny said: "Through their fundraising efforts they have helped many young people with cancer and their families all over the UK.
Anota, por ejemplo, que la poesia no figura explicitamente en el programa de 10 grado y que siun profesor selecciona una tragedia como parte de su programa pedagogico, los alumnos de su clase nunca van a conocer a Moliere o a Marivaux.