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see SkåneSkåne
or Scania
, historic province of extreme S Sweden, now included in Malmöhus co. Skåne, the scene of many battles, was held by Denmark until 1658, when it was conquered by Charles X of Sweden.
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, Sweden.
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Initial experience by Skaane et al concluded that that DBT increased the sensitivity for detecting cancer, including those presenting as spiculated masses and distortions.
Also Euro 2 million will go to the Skaane Project, developing functional airspace blocs for lower airspace, Euro 4 million on creating a central European air traffic services (CEATS) upper area control centre, Euro 4.
This higher false-positive rate often results in more tests and unnecessary biopsies, making MRI and ultrasound expensive to implement in high-volume screening programs, according to study lead author Per Skaane, M.
Per Skaane, MD, PhD, Department of Radiology, Oslo University Hospital Ullevaal, and his colleagues found that the use of Hologic 3D and generated 2D images constituted an average dose reduction of 45% while not resulting in any clinically meaningful differences in diagnostic accuracy compared to 3D mammography and conventional 2D images.
Per Skaane, Oslo, Norway - Incorporating breast tomosynthesis in a population-based screening program: our experience in Oslo.
The study, "Prospective Trial Comparing Full-field Digital Mammography (FFDM) versus Combined FFDM and Tomosynthesis in a Population-based Screening Programme Using Independent Double Reading with Arbitration," was led by Per Skaane, M.
The study, "Comparison of Digital Mammography Alone and Digital Mammography plus Tomosynthesis in a Population-based Screening Program," was led by Per Skaane, M.
i] Skaane P, Bandos A, Gullien R, Eben E, Ekseth U, Haakenaasen U, Izadi M, Jebsen I, Jahr G, Krager M, Niklason L, Hofvind S, Gur D.
The symposium will focus on: The Oslo Tomosynthesis Screening Trial Results - Per Skaane, Professor Dr.
Per Skaane, MD, PhD, who was one of the researchers working on the study, explains: "The overall actual number of women recalled as a result of arbitration was larger for those initially assigned a positive score in mammography plus tomosynthesis.
i] FDA PMA submission P080003 and Skaane P, Gullien R, Eben EB, et.