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sport of sliding over snow on skis—long, narrow, flexible runners. Water skiing is a warm-weather sport in which a motor-propelled craft tows a skier through the water.
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The first Skiboarding World Cup was held in Romania last year.
Kirk Thompson, Revel8 Team Member, Pro Rider and the winner of the Romania Open 2008 Skiboarding Championship, said when he first heard that the Skiboarding World Cup was to be held in a desert city, it sounded crazy.
Instead, he is helping ESPN with the coverage of skiboarding, a relatively new sport that can be best described as in-line skaters strapped to two mini-snowboards speeding down a ski course.
Events: Snowboarding, ice climbing, snow mountain bike racing, free skiing, skiboarding, snowmobile snocross.
Athletes will compete in 16 events in five sports: snowboarding, skiing, snow mountain biking, skiboarding and snowmobile snocross.
Watch a bunch of outdoor maniacs go competitive snowboarding, ice climbing, snow-mountain biking (pictured), skiboarding, snowmobile snocross and free-style skiing for more than $200,000 in cash prizes at Crested Butte, Colo.