Skin Diseases

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Skin Diseases


a group of human and animal diseases of varying etiologies characterized by pathological changes in the skin and its appendages (nails and hair) and in the visible mucous membranes. In man, skin diseases are manifested by spots, vesicles filled with transparent fluid or pus (pustules), nodules elevated above the skin, scales formed by the desquamation of the horny layer of skin, scratches, ulcers, and cracks. Many skin diseases are accompanied by itching, a burning sensation, and pain.

Inflammatory skin diseases (dermatitises) result from direct exposure to chemicals, mechanical factors, radiation, or extremes of temperature. Other skin diseases are caused by metabolic disorders and by the functional impairment of the nervous and endocrine systems in diseases of the internal organs (for example, the liver and the gastrointestinal tract). A large group of skin diseases are classified as pyodermas (purulent diseases). Cutaneous tuberculosis is an infectious disease of the skin.

Skin diseases (for example, scabies) may be caused by parasitic insects or pathogenic fungi. Some skin diseases are manifestations of increased body sensitivity to various stimuli, including drugs and certain plants. Neoplasms such as birthmarks, warts, and tumors may develop on the skin. Dermatology is the science that studies skin diseases.

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He also said that patients with skin disease were at an increased risk for the development of depression and anxiety.
He also highlighted the fact that skin diseases have both external and internal causes which is why people should monitor their diet and eating habits.
The next phase of their project will aim for image-based diagnostic support of any skin disease.
Infectious skin diseases included tuberculosis, fungal infections, leishmaniasis, verruca plana and verruca vulgaris.
Our unique collaboration has the potential to help patients and indeed the entire scientific community in dermatology as we work towards a common goal of advancing understanding of skin diseases.
Dr said the masses to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in personnel life like using hygienic food, remaining clean, using separate towel, wearing light colour dress and consuming fresh water to avoid seasonal skin diseases.
The per-capita cost of skin disease in 2013 was $213, compared with $950 per person for cardiovascular disease, $785 for diabetes, and $147 for end-stage renal disease, they noted.
Akitas and Chow Chows particularly are at risk for one of the two most common forms of autoimmune skin disease in dogs--pemphigus foliaceus, a term relating to Latin for "bubble.
Skin disease usually presents with itching, and very commonly affects the face, ears, feet, armpits and tummy.
Results: Fifty dermatologists thought that frequency of preventable skin diseases in their clinical practice is 26- 50%.
This talk aims to dispel any myths and give members of the public the opportunity to ask my team and me questions they may have about skin diseases that may affect them or a loved one.