transdermal patch

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transdermal patch:

see skin patchskin patch,
 transdermal patch,
or transdermal delivery system,
adhesive patch used to deliver a controlled dose of a drug through the skin over a period of time.
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Volunteers will receive nicotine or placebo skin patches and behavioral support to quit smoking.
Another difference is that high doses of supplements, whether pills, skin patches, or shots, may result in higher amounts of hormones in the blood than are healthy.
The FDA rules say anti-smoking products, such as nicotine gum or skin patches, must help a significant number of smokers quit for a month.
Created as an alternate route of administration to improve patient compliance and reduce prescription drug side effects, skin patches are rapidly becoming an important consumer healthcare product category.
With the Gentag technology, it becomes possible to integrate ultrathin battery-less wireless sensors into disposable skin patches for medical and consumer market applications such as fever monitoring, painless diabetes monitoring, drug delivery and obesity monitoring.
He envisaged the first practical use will be skin patches for treating muscle pain and rheumatism.
Fluorouracil ointment reduced potentially cancerous skin patches called actinic keratoses.
This smells pleasant and is good for rubbing into cheeks and noses to prevent chapping in cold winds, but didn't shift stubborn or itchy dry skin patches.
Today's skin patches work by releasing a reservoir of medicine through the skin and straight into the blood stream, without the discomfort of injections.
Hormone replacement therapy taken via skin patches can boost the flagging sex drive of post-menopausal women, researchers said yesterday.
Alternative forms of drug delivery, such as nasal sprays and skin patches, often don't get enough medicine into the blood.
If quit-smoking aids such as group therapy and over-the-counter nicotine skin patches don't work, ``don't struggle with it for a week .