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A distribution of the Linux operating system by Patrick Volkerding <>, <>.


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A Linux distribution that was derived from the Softlanding Linux System (SLS) by Patrick Volkerding in 1993. As a part-time project, the name was intended to convey a lack of serious commitment, although Slackware became popular with advanced Linux users who wanted to learn more about the system. More than a dozen Linux distributions evolved from Slackware, including Slackintosh, a version for PowerPC-based Macs (prior to Intel-based Macs). For more information, visit See wares.
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Denis Zenkin, Kaspersky's head of corporate communications, said that it's important to emphasize that the breaches exploited by Ramen are also found on other Linux variants, including Caldera OpenLinux, Connectiva Linux, Debian Linux, HP-UX and Slackware Linux.
The company is also the premier CDROM supplier of the popular FreeBSD and Slackware Linux Operating Systems.
The supported Linux distributions include those from Caldera, Debian, LinuxPPC, Linux-Mandrake, Pacific HiTech, Red Hat, Slackware Linux and SuSE.
Sun Solaris, Caldera OpenLinux eServer, Caldera OpenLinux, Redhat Linux, Slackware Linux, Debian Linux, SuSE Linux, Corel Linux, TurboLinux, Cobalt Linux, Mandrake Linux, Delix DLD Linux, Conectiva Linux, MkLinux, LinuxPPC, Xlinux, LinuxPL, Linux From Scratch, Trustix, Cendio LBS Linux, Ute Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BSDI, HP/UX, SGI Irix, DEC/Compaq OSF/1, IBM AIX, SCO UnixWare, SCO OpenServer, and MacOS Server X.
Person brings to Penguin Computing more than 15 years of software development expertise, including five years as a core team member developing Slackware Linux, one of the earliest distributions of the operating system.
Prima Tech's well-researched publishing plan includes such titles as Install, Configure, and Customize Slackware Linux 7; Red Hat Linux Administrator's Guide; Install, Configure, and Customize SuSE Linux; and VMware 2 for Linux.
Walnut Creek CDROM, a noted publisher of FreeBSD and Slackware Linux, has submitted an RFP to build a Telephony Open Source Interface (TOSI) between industry reference platforms (including a FreeBSD-based system) and industry standard phone systems.
The company is also the premier CDROM supplier of the popular FreeBSD UNIX and Slackware Linux Operating Systems.