Slag Removal

Slag Removal


the removal from steam boiler fireboxes of residues resulting from the combustion of solid fuels.

A distinction is made between fireboxes in which the slag is removed in thin streams in the molten state into a vat with water and fireboxes in which solid slag drops from the firebox hopper into a bin, from which it is periodically removed through a gate. Usually the slag is subsequently transported together with the fly ash (seeASH REMOVAL) collected by gas-purification devices. In older boilers the slag and ash were removed by cars. In modern electric power plants slag is ordinarily removed by a hydraulic system. The slag is transferred to a slag-washing shaft and then (in the case of coarse slag) to a grinder, from which it passes through a grate and metal catchers into dredger pumps or to hydraulic ejector pumps, which transfer the slurry (a mixture of slag and ash with water) to an ash dump. The two materials are often removed individually—the slag by a hydraulic system, and the ash by a pneumatic system. The vacuum removal of ash and slag is used in small boilers.


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The subject of the public contract scope of work includes the following - The work on the redevelopment project,- Input monitoring groundwater and surface water + preparatory work,- Pumping out the water pumping site vytavenE'ch removal of salts,- Excavation Na + slag removal of structural layers, decontamination, saving an intermediate stockpile + removal and disposal,- Monitoring of water in a retention tank + monitoring soil after excavation silicate slag,- The performance of the CSDS database + Final Report remediation - Phase I.
2 mm) diameter wire, Cryo exhibits a spray like arc transfer, easy slag removal and can be welded within a wide range of parameters.
Power Supply Utilization: Power supply utilization is the ratio of melt time to the overall total melt cycle time, which includes the melt time and the time required for tasks such as temperature measurements, slag removal, pouring and initial recharging of the furnace.
Besides, they didn't include construction of the chimney and system of ash and slag removal.
The Company has recently delivered 8 units of its innovative PPC128-2 air box pulse bag dust collectors to the project site and preparation is underway for the retrofit of the client's slag removal system and coal mill dust removal system.
An ideal slag is ductile at high temperatures which prevent oxidation of the weld metal and brittle at room temperature to facilitate slag removal (Jackson, 1973, Natalie et al, 1986).
Dual Shield X wires also offer high deposition rates, fast travel speeds, flat bead profile, limited spatter and extremely easy slag removal for overall productivity, ease of use and outstanding operator appeal.
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In Genk, Belgium, the company has contracted to provide services including stainless slag removal, transportation, processing and metal recovery.
The Excalibur's easy strike and re-strike capabilities and effortless slag removal minimise starting porosity and grinding time, delivering optimal productivity.
They are said to be excellent in any position (except vertical down) and produce x-ray quality welds, superior arc performance, easy slag removal and outstanding mechanical properties.
Australian manufacturer Voestalpine has devoted in a slag removal, deburring and edge rounding system from the German company Lissmac to boost production capacity and enhance consistency.