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a. comedy characterized by horseplay and physical action
b. (as modifier): slapstick humour
2. a flexible pair of paddles bound together at one end, formerly used in pantomime to strike a blow to a person with a loud clapping sound but without injury



in the circus, theater, and motion pictures and on the variety stage, a highly comic method of portraying life. Slapstick involves behavior that is illogical and departs radically from generally accepted norms. It may include the bizarre use of props, for example, the playing of musical works on saws, frying pans, or brooms with strings stretched over them and with a resonator made from an ox bladder.

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Slapstick comedy entertainer that manages to evoke a few laughs.
The actress was last seen in the slapstick comedy De Dana Dan ( DDD ) and the thriller Race .
On paper, a slapstick comedy about ping-pong, a marginal sport at best, must have made sense.
Summary: As a part of the ongoing Dubai Summer Surprises celebration, Mall of the Emirates brings together the grace of trampoline with hilarious slapstick comedy that is guaranteed to leave audiences with a smile.
As skilled in slapstick comedy as she was in high tragedy, Sills once described the role of Marie, the daughter of the regiment, as a "Lucille Ball with high notes.
You can't get any hipper than Burbank,'' said Gary Owens, the Radio Hall of Famer whose phrase ``from beautiful downtown Burbank'' was heard through the 1960s and 1970s on the cult TV slapstick comedy show ``Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In'' and on Johnny Carson's ``Tonight Show.
There is some slapstick comedy along with poignant moments as Rachel comes to learn about herself while she cares for a woman who cannot tell her own story.
Caption: Right: Former Martha Graham principal dancer Peggy Lyman, now co-artistic director of Dance Connecticut, makes an imperious Madame Noisette in her company's Nutcracker, which, embraces slapstick comedy, martial arts, and hip-hop dance.
Anyone who has ever watched the slapstick comedy, The Three Stooges, must have concluded that America of the 1930's had a child-like sense of humor.
The Prince is a huge fan of the Marx Brothers' slapstick comedy and was rolling with laughter when performers from the show appeared at the Royal Variety Performance last year.
When a person in a slapstick comedy slips on a banana peel, or is otherwise hurt, people laugh because they identify with their superiority over the situation.
Of course, aviation appeals to people of all ages and so does the aerial equivalent of slapstick comedy.