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a. comedy characterized by horseplay and physical action
b. (as modifier): slapstick humour
2. a flexible pair of paddles bound together at one end, formerly used in pantomime to strike a blow to a person with a loud clapping sound but without injury



in the circus, theater, and motion pictures and on the variety stage, a highly comic method of portraying life. Slapstick involves behavior that is illogical and departs radically from generally accepted norms. It may include the bizarre use of props, for example, the playing of musical works on saws, frying pans, or brooms with strings stretched over them and with a resonator made from an ox bladder.

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For a show with no words, the jokes were hugely effective, and the plentiful slapstick humour was rewarded with genuine belly laughs from around the auditorium.
Lots of visual gags, lame slapstick humour and hopefully no more sequels.
Based on Toby Young's memoir about his brief time on Vanity Fair magazine, the film blends smart satire, romantic comedy and an awful lot of slapstick humour.
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker (above) repeat their silly East meets West cop antics with loads of lame slapstick humour and so-called laughs.
Having recently seen the play, your columnist can wholly vouch for its outstanding brilliance and slapstick humour and that poignant moment when the audience held its breath after spending most of the rest of the drama in side-splitting mode.
The penguins' slapstick humour wears thin pretty quickly
This is a cracker of a story with plenty of slapstick humour and Troll is one of the funniest baddies I've read in a long time.
GRAVITY-DEFYING stunts and slapstick humour aside, Cirque du Soleil's Alegria is a magical mystery of a show.
SLAPSTICK humour provided plenty of Comic Relief at Royds High School, Paddock, 25 years ago this week.
not to mention the slapstick humour of comedian Andy Ford, aka Smee.
With Vinay you are bound to have a few laughs with his quick wit and slapstick humour and Lara adds to the glamour quotient.
The exhibition included newly-commissioned video works and sculptures evocative of references including art history, Beckettian theatre and slapstick humour.