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see abattoirabattoir
[Fr.], building for butchering. The abattoir houses facilities to slaughter animals; dress, cut and inspect meats; and refrigerate, cure, and manufacture byproducts. The largest abattoirs are those of the meatpacking industry.
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; meatpackingmeatpacking
or meat-processing,
wholesale business of buying and slaughtering animals and then processing and distributing their carcasses to retailers. The livestock industry is among the largest in the world.
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(in Russian, uboinyipunkt), an enterprise where livestock is butchered for meat. Slaughterhouses are found in settlements not serviced by meat-packing plants. A slaughterhouse has a stockyard, a slaughter room, rooms for handling meat by-products, fat products, and entrails, a hide-salting room, and a room for processing wastes. A refrigeration room is used to store perishable products. Slaughterhouses process meat, meat by-products, melted food fats, entrails, preserved hides, industrial fats, and boiled animal feeds. All processes are based on simple technology and must comply with hygienic and sanitary standards. Veterinary workers supervise the reception and slaughter of animals, as well as the processing and marketing of food and industrial products.

Industrial livestock-raising complexes, large cattle farms, sovkhozes, kolkhozes, and other agricultural enterprises have slaughterhouses for the slaughter of diseased livestock when this is determined necessary by veterinarians.

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Situated around32 km north of Kampala, the Egyptian firm s new slaughter house will process and package meat, primarily beef, for both local and export sectors.
The civic body earlier selected site for six times during the last 20 years for construction of slaughter house but this project could not be materialized.
We believe it could become one of the finest comedy rooms in the UK and it is a perfect sister venue to our successful Slaughter House venue.
He had recently actively taken part in busting illegal slaughter houses and protested against cattletrafficking in the region.
On the direction of deputy commissioner, Syed Zaheerul Islam, the action was taken against slaughter house by assistant commissioner, Mumtaz Ahmad.
There is only one licensed slaughter house in Bahrain - the Bahrain Livestock Company.
According to the official statistics, only four slaughter houses, a milk company and a firm exporting snails from Macedonia have been issued export numbers.
Pakistan's Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated a modern slaughter house completed at a cost of 1 billion Rupees in collaboration with Iran at Shahpur Kanjran on Sunday, the report read.
We may not be vegetarians but why have this slaughter house reopened in the middle of the village?
The location of the chicken slaughter house must not too far away from the modern distribution outlet considering the transport cost.
From a particular slaughter house, 131 samples were taken, out of which 15 contained salmonella along with an additional five whose percentage of contaminated samples exceeded the average for the EU, at 15.